Enjoying Community                                               Fostering Creativity                                               Advancing Culture



Waldos and Company is a non-profit organization situated in the heart of Gettysburg, PA. We are excited and committed to helping artists, musicians, and creatives grow, learn, and experiment by providing low cost studios, classes, and shared equipment. We seek to provide a framework for creativity, where locals can gather to practice their craft, exhibit their work, and enjoy the community of creatives. We provide resources and opportunities for up-and-coming artists and musicians to cultivate and exhibit their craft for minimal cost, as well as space for students, professionals and families to gather and enjoy art, leisure, and study space at no cost. Our mission is to benefit and educate the Gettysburg community by way of the arts, advocacy for local artists, and helping youth live substance-free lives. Coinciding with that mission is our desire to enjoy community, advance culture, and foster creativity, especially for lower income individuals who do not have the money to spend on classes, concerts, events, or studio space offered elsewhere in Gettysburg. We accomplish this by providing seven minimal-cost studio spaces to artists from the community, a gallery that regularly showcases the work of local creatives, classes for art, yoga, and music, a venue space that can host anywhere from 60-100 people of all ages and backgrounds, a library, a dark room, a print shop, and a coffee/soda bar, along with ample seating in a welcoming environment.